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Specialty show September 4th - 2015

All our pages are in Norwegian - but for our English-speaking friends, we have made a small translation-list, so that you may enjoy our pages also.

Forside - Front page
Oppdateringer - Updates
Info fra Utvalget- Information from the Norw. Afghan Hound Council (NAHC) /contact persons for the NAHC.
Rasepresentasjon - Information on the breed - (Breed standard/colours and about the breed)
Pelsstell/Bading -
Coat care (trimming, bathing etc)

breeders of Afghan Hounds who are members of the Norwegian Sighthoundclub. (The official breed-club in Norway).
Valper -
Puppies for sale and Puppies expected

Utstillingsresultater -
Show results from Norway. BIR= BOB, BIM=BOS, BH= best male, BT=best bitch
Terminliste 2006/2007 - Show schedule for 2006/2007
Afghanerspesialen 2007-
Information on our next specialty show for 2007
Norske Champions -
Norwegian Champions
Aktiviteter -
Afghanspecialties from 1995-2006/Lure Coursing and Afghan Member Meetings in Norway
Årets Afghaner 2005 -
Afghan of the Year in Norway 2005
Årets Afghaner 2006 -
Standings for the Afghan of the Year in Norway 2006

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Web-Shop -
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Kontakt oss - Contact us! Our email
Gjestebok -
Our Guestbook
Linker -
Links to different afghan hound pages around the world

Besøkende -
Visitors since February 1, 2006

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