Afghanerspesialen 2005
Linnesvollen, Lier, 12.06.05
Dommer: Les Bradney, Knl Kelzarki, Australia
(13 hanner og 24 tisper påmeldt)

IMG 4572

BIS N S Ch Quom Trixis Ontoulouse
BIM N S Ch Moving Every Girls Dream

BT-2 N S Ch Look, A Tiger In The Cage
BH-2,Cert Moving Sleeping Satelite
BT-3,Cert Antheartica's Peaches 'N Cream
BH-3 N Ch Shake Down At Night
BT-4 Antheartica's Diamonds 'N Pearls
BH-4 Moving Space Cowboy
BT-5 Gold'N Copper Heart 'N Diamonds
BH-5 N Ch Moving Twice Isn't Enough
BIS Veteran N Ch Twice Isn't Enough/
BIM Veteran Nord Ch Moving 'Cross The Universe

BIS Valp Moving Playground Universe/
BIM Valp Moving From Space With Love

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