Afghanerspesialen 2009 - Kommentar fra Dr. Djordje Tesic

Afghan Hound Speciality in Oslo 2009

Although it is a long time since the Afghan Hound Speciality in Oslo 2009, I will try to write few impressions about dogs I judged and about that dog show in generally.

This was first time that I judged in Norway and I was very curious about your Afghan hounds. For me it was a great pleasure and honor to judge Afghan Hounds in Oslo. Organization and hospitality of that show were at high levels. I want to use this opportunity to say thanks to the ring secretary and writer who did a good job and helped me a lot.

I am satisfied with the big entries and about the quality of the dogs. I saw dogs of different types but in average of good quality. Furthermore, no matter which results of the dogs, the exhibitors showed fair play and appreciated my decisions with no comments in the ring. Although it seemed that it will be a rainy day I am happy that the weather was reasonable and allowed us to finish without too much problems.

When I saw that we had enough time I decided to explain to owners, exhibitors and hublot replica handlers the reasons of my decisions. As exhibitor I know that sometimes, especially at speciality shows I don't like to hear only: „ first, second, third… congratulations, thank you and good bye”. This is the reasonwhy I explained loudly each placement to auditorium.

At this dog show, as usually when I am judging, I was looking for typical representative of this breed. Especially I was looking for those part of standard that are different from other breeds and very typical for Afghan Hounds.

Judging this show I rarely saw some, for for me, very big faults: weak underjaw, over-angulation of hindquarters, sickle hock, flat movement, character problems…

Although in average dogs I judged on that day had no problems with shoulders (well back set shoulders), a few dogs I saw, did not have correct (open) front arm angulation. This fault was because of not enough good position of upper arm and I think that your breeders should take more care about this problem. If a dog do not have good front angulation he can't have enough reach in movement, he can't be balanced in movement,… in my opinion it's serious fault.

This time I wish to mention two dogs that stayed in my memory: my BOB and BOS. For me both are typical representatives of this breed, dry and strong, with good heads and typical oriental expression, good neck and strong back, prominent hip bones. I saw clear different between sexes, BOB male was true male (strong, powerful, with enough bone substance) - BOS female – true female (enough bone substance, but feminine)! This is also very important for me, today on dog shows we can often see too weak males, with not enough bone substance or too strong, and too big females that looks like male should be.

On that day those dogs won for me because in each part of their bodies and characters there were "in standard”, and both of those dogs have perfect, outstanding movement - for me very important part of standard.

Afghan Hounds have so specific movement that is so different from other breeds. Reach and drive” (horizontal component) is not typical for this breed!! Afghan Hounds MUST also have vertical component in movement. This springy gait is so typical for this breed. When judging I want to see "air under the dog” in the Afghan Hounds.

My BOB and BOS dog had that… I enjoyed looking them especially in movement. Congratulation to breeders and owners of those two dogs!

This show will stay in my shinny memory.. Thank you

Dr György Tesics
Budapest, 2010.03.01

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