Afghanerspesialen 2008


Afghanerspesialen 2008 - Norsk Myndeklub v/Afghanerutvalget
17.08.08 på Linderud Gård, Oslo
Dommer: Stephen Wheeler, Kennel Jacosta, Sverige (14+23)

BIS: Ch.Moving Drops Of Venus "Norah"

BIM: Ch.Moving Every Girls Dream "Gullixen"



BH-2, Cert.: Alphaville's Made It Meezelf

BH-3: Ch.Moving Sleeping Satelite

BH-4: Ch.Moving Playground Universe "James"


BT-2: Ch.Gold'N Copper Heart'N Diamonds "Emma"

BT-3,Cert.: Alphavilles Sex On Th'Beach

BT-4: Falling From Thirteen


BIR-BIM Unghundklassen:

 BIR-unghund: Moving  Ain't Got No Name "Maxim" -  BIM-Unghund: Moving Ain't No Sunshine "Lotta"

 BIS-Oppdretter: Kennel Moving

BIS-Veteran: Moving Twice In A Lifetime

Resultat av Dommervalget 2008:

Stephen Wheeler, Sverige, knl Jacosta:

Blir vår dommer til Afghanerspesialen 2008, info kommer.

Afghanser spesialen vil i år bli avholdt 17.08.08 på Linderud gård.
Saluki Utvalget og Whippet utvalget kommer til å holde sine speisalutstillinger på samme sted.

Påmeldingsfrist: 15.Juni
Påmelding sendes pr post eller mail: Afghanerutvalget v/Therese Andresen, Fiolveien 32, 1911 FLATEBY eller mail:
Påmeldingsavgift som følger:
150,- for Valper og Veteraner
300,- for øvrige klasser
150,- for hver 3.påmeldte hund med samme eier
150,- for uoffisielle klasser.
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Stephen Wheeler, Kennel Jacosta:

I Have been involved with our breed for close to 35 years now, it is quite a time frame and I have been very active in the breed for most of these years. I have slowly wound down with my breeding, having bred just two litters over the past 8 years. I have decided to stop breeding Afghans and the final Jacosta litter is just seven months of age. I was lucky to obtain one of my own Jacosta bitches who is from a very successful litter and a daughter to my wonderful, Ch Jacosta Wrenagade In Red. Spice has really proven her worth as a top producing bitch and for my final Jacosta litter, the choice for her was very easy for me.
She was bred to Alexi, Ch Aviva Coeur A Coeur. A dog that I have enjoyed showing, he his very well bred and also a very correct Afghan in balance and proportion and so full of breed detail. I will look forward to watching this litter grow and mature, and look forward to showing my last Jacosta Afghan Hounds.

Since arriving to Sweden I have become very involved with Poodles, sharing the Avatar prefix with my partner, Anders. We have enjoyed some great times over the past years, bred some really beautiful Poodles and done some major winning finishing most with BIS wins. Poodles are a wonderful breed to live with, so different to the Afghans, surprisingly, they get on extremely well together.

Our breed is very unique, they not only capture your heart, but seem to have a long and lasting impact that almost haunts you at times. Like most, I was first captured by the beauty of the breed, but soon learned that no other breed comes close to the majestic grace and regal bearing and the impact of an Afghan Hound at full replicas hublot maturity. I still get goose bumps when I see a dog that comes into my ring in full flight, head held high, barley touching the ground, coat flying, some of the elements that first attracted me to the breed.

I have been very fortunate to have owned and bred some rather good dogs over the years. I’ve imported and exported several top winners and bred a very long list of numerous champions and many, many BIS winners. I have been judging for over 20 years and still consider it a great privilege to be asked to judge at speciality level. I have judged over 20 Afghan Specialities and had the good fortune to see some very outstanding dogs over the years.

I have strong views about our breed, it’s current standing and the future of the breed. When I first started in the breed, it was at it’s all time high in both numbers and quality. Time has changed and so has the breed. The trend to breed for movement alone has seen the breed change in shape and this trend has been world wide. Gone are the days of breeders allowing their dogs to wait for maturity, the flash and show to go dog has become the normal within the breed and this breed is a slow maturing breed, time and patience allows the dog to truly reach it’s full potential.

It is also very alarming that the quality of the males seems to be well above that of the bitches. Another trend that seems to be sweeping the world, it has certainly been the case at the last four specialities that I have judged. It’s great to have a selection of top males to choice for possible breeding’s, but the lack of overall quality in the bitches should be of great concern to all breeders. It is the bithces within the kennels that are the true back bone of the breed, without quality bitches, the breed will never move forward in a positive direction.

So, what will I be looking for, and what am I expected to do. I suppose I’m rather predictable as I never really know until the day of the show, I’m a great believer in awarding the dog on the day and in the competition it is shown in. I have yet to find my perfect Afghan, but I have come close quite a few times.

I'm easily blown away by a great head with a beautiful expression, I hate low to the ground dogs and will always try to search out classic shape and good balance. I love the natural hardness of the breed, strong and level topline with as much breed detail that I can find in the one dog. I'm not into wide open side gait, but truly love a good mover with style that combines lift and balanced extension.

I truly appreciate the invitation to judge at your show and I look forward to catching up with everyone after the show, I'm sure we will have much to talk about, whether we will agree or not, well, that's another story.


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