Afghanerspesialen 2010 - Kommentar fra Philippe Gallardo

Afghan Hound Speciality in Lier 2010

Philippe Gallardo 30 June at 20:23

First and foremost i would like to thank the Norwegian afghan hound club again for inviting me to judge your national Specialty. We were lucky to have a great weather along the day, so i could judge in good conditions.

I actually was surprised of the overall quality despite a few things that I will point out thereafter.

Proportion and type was correct most of the time, but I saw quite a few big specimen. Size matters as it is part of type in any breed.  As the reflect of my selection for Best head, I only kept 2 bitches that i found very correct and nice. Heads were in some cases far too  big, short and plain, lack of schizeling. In a breeding program, head comes and goes, and it is one easy thing to correct, being sure you will do your best to improve this point.

As a breeder and judge, front assemblies have always been of the most importance to me and was disappointed to have a hard time to find good smooth shoulders. I was, on the other hand, very pleased to see that your afghans have all correct rears. I am not talking about angulation, but a major problem in our breed today which is sicklehocks ! All my
entries but one had good flexibilty in the hocks and was nicely surprised about this. Movements were not wide open, but well balanced most of the time.

My BOB and BOS were 2 excellents afghans whom could win anywhere. I loved my dog size and proportions, i obviously would have liked him to be a little more confident, but he always moved with his tail up which is according to the breed correct. we always to forget that some afghans are distant with strangers. I dont ask for a poodle temperment.

My best bitch and BOB, was nicely balanced with good proportions, a correct head and lovely outline. I would have like a better set of shoulders, but as I always judge "the package" she was my obvious winner on that day and was unbeatable on the move, with great balanced effortless movementand nice atitude, showed properly at the right speed by her young handler.

Thanks again to all the exibitors for showing under me,

Philippe Gallardo