Philippe Gallardo

Biografi Philippe Gallardo - Dommer Afghanerspesialen 2010


Philippe and Pablo 


I have been involved with Afghan Hounds, since my childhood as I had my fist one back in 1979... althought I started to show her, I quickly realised she was not of show quality and soon asked my parents to have another one:) I was then fortunate to have my first champion, through my mentor and friend, Norman HUIDOBRO, HUILACO'S kennel in Spain. Raquel produced the first Khafka litter, and although she had been breed to a dog I have in all my pedigrees today ( Ch.KASSAN'S THE IMPRESSARIO (Charly), an Abraxas son), she was not a good producer,




I then stopped breeding for a some years, but was still very active owning and showing afghans,


I really started breeding when I moved to Spain in 1995. Then I started campaining Multi CH. LICENSE TO THRILL DE TCHEKANA,  a multi BIS winner in different countrie,,,, Teddy WAS the dog,, such a fantastic temperment and as a producer made history in my breeding program. He also was my first world champion. He sired 3 all breed BIS winners from the same litter and 2 world champions,,,





His most famous son, Franck, WORLD CH, Multi BIS KHAFKA'S SONG SUNG BLUE, was  to be as important for KHAFKA, and produced also multiple champion gets, a world CH. the very famous Pablo ..




No need to talk about Pablo's records, with some of the most prestigious wins as SBIS in Tammsvik ( former SKOKOLSTER), at the age of 20 months,. Pablo finished is career wiht over 35 BIS wins and a champion in 20 different countries including UK, and 2 times European champion.




Today, although i am off the show scene for another year, I do have a great Pablo grand son,  DIego,,, he is probably the best Khafka ever bred and hope to be able to show him in 2011.




Khafka has produced numerous champions worldwild,  owned and bred 5 World champions, and a few european champions, our afghans have won over 160 BIS and i am produ to say khafka's afghans have also produced very well for others around the world,


I got my judging license, 5 years ago, and have had the pleasure to judge them around the globe already,


I really look forward to come back to Norway and judge your specialty,  thank you for the honor,


See you there,